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Sleep Hygiene - Sleep deprivation and it's side effects

What happens when we are sleep deprived?

In an ideal world, adults should be sleeping 7-9 hours per night - but from my experience as a Personal Trainer, many are not.

Individuals suffering from lack of consistent (and good duration) sleep, can suffer from the following;

Impaired immune function, systemic inflammation (often associated with insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis), an increase in Ghrelin secretion (your hunger hormone) leading to increased levels of hunger and also making you more prone to bad decisions when it comes to your nutrition. Impaired decision making and self control! There is also a correlation between lack of sleep, poor recovery and negative effects on muscle growth (sorry guys who wanna get big).

This list continues!

Help yourself... but how?

Expose yourself to natural light in the morning (apologies gamers, you've gotta go outside and get up in the morning!) This suppresses melatonin release which can help you wake up, also helps to set your circadian rhythm. If it's horribly dull outside... and winter, I highly recommend using a Lumie Clock to wake you up with simulated natural light.

Light exposure in the evenings can also have negative effects to your sleep. Limit your exposure to blue light (from the TV, Laptop/Phone) at least 60-90 minutes prior to sleep - so please bare this in mind.


Here are my 6 top tips to improve your sleep hygiene!

  1. Ditch the tech an hour before bed - set the phone to night mode! Maybe read a few pages of a book or have a nice relaxing bath

  2. Avoid excessive liquid consumption before bed - You don't want to keep waking up for a wee!

  3. Prioritise consistent sleep and wake times - aim to expose yourself to natural bright light in the morning

  4. Ensure your room is comfortable and the room is cool (16-19 degrees), use black out blinds

  5. Avoid caffeine and excessive alcohol in the evening

  6. Exercise! In the morning/daytime, avoid training late if you can as this can also affect sleep

Hope this helps!

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