• Katie Sindle

The Power of Protein

Why is Protein consumption important?

In essence, Protein and its amino acid components are the building blocks of life. Once consumed, they help form enzymes, hormones, muscle, skin, blood and more.⠀

You may have heard of ‘Nonessential amino acids’ and “Essential amino acids’. Nonessential amino acids are created within our bodies & Essential amino acids (of which there are 9) come from food sources, and therefore must be consumed.⠀

One of the most notable essential amino acids is Leucine. Leucine appears from research to be one of the most critical drivers for the activation of MPS (Muscle protein synthesis), dosing should be around 0.05g per kilogram of bodyweight at each meal in order to stimulate maximum muscle protein synthesis – this does not mean directly consuming leucine alone, best thing is to consume good quality rich sources of protein.⠀

We have gainers and losers (that sounds bad, I don’t mean it that way!), you’ll see what I mean below...⠀

The gainers; if you want to maximise building muscle mass a recommended intake of 1.6 – 2.2g per kilogram of bodyweight would be required. For example, a 60kg individual would need to consume between 96 – 132g per day. Obviously, if you are looking to gain muscle mass you would also need to be in a kcal surplus – I’d recommend increasing kcal’s from carbohydrates (fuel your muscles for training), aiming to hit protein goals and get the rest of your required kcals from fats.⠀

The losers, those in a deficit looking to achieve weight loss; a recommended intake of 2.3 – 3.1g per kilogram of lean body mass. For example; 60kg individual @ around 20% body fat – this leaves 48kg of lean muscle mass, a target of 110.4g – 148.8g of protein per day. The higher protein intake for those in a kcal deficit will help with general satiety, slowly digest and therefore keep you feeling fuller for longer, we also want to maintain as much muscle mass in a deficit as we can! I would also recommend prioritising resistance training (training with weights and using large compound movements at least twice per week) if weight loss is something you are looking to achieve.⠀

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